Monday, December 19, 2011

Little Details: Persimmons

Winter is here, which means it's persimmon season! I spied these persimmons (I believe the Fuyu variety) at my local neighborhood market yesterday.

This beautiful fruit always reminds me of Christmas, and my parents have always been big fans. My mom loves to add fresh persimmon slices to winter salads, and persimmon pudding has always been a favorite dessert of my dad's (Happy 65th Birthday, Dad!!).

Another Nichols family favorite is dehydrated persimmons. My mom insists they taste like "candy" -- not sure I would agree with that description!

Want to try persimmon pudding? Here's a recipe from Martha Stewart for this Christmas classic. And here's another recipe for a persimmon salad from one of my favorite recipe sites, Epicurious.

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